Russel Brothers Limited   OWEN SOUND, ONTARIO   Steelcraft Boat Builders
W. B. Murdina

Canadian List of Shipping 1956: W. B. Murdina [C.177507] registered at Owen Sound; built at Owen Sound in 1945. 27'3 x 7'5 x 3'; 4 g.t.; 3 n.t.; 30 hp. Owned by The KVP Co. Ltd., Espanola, Ontario. Canadian List of Shipping 1970: Steel tug W. B. Murdina [C.177507] registered at Ottawa. Built at Owen Sound in 1945. 27'; 4 g.t. Canadian List of Ships 1997: Owned by Upper Ottawa Improvement Company, Ottawa. Transport Canada List 2003: Owned by Peter Haughton, Bristol, Québec.

RBF notes: Photographed in Bristol, QC, July 6, 2006.

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Peter Haughton writes (March 7, 2011): My wife Barbara and I have created a small museum on the logging industry on the Ottawa River. We have 3 Russel boats of which the Murdina is all original but is missing an anchor and the steering wheel. Also I’m trying to find information on the name W. B. Murdina. The Russel boat was originally purchased by the Brown Forest Industries Limited of Espanola, Ontario. nb - BFIL was originally the KVP Company (Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company) of Espanola. Name changed to Brown Forest Industries, Ltd. 4/1967.

Peter Haughton of Bristol Qc wrote me (on 4/8/11)..."It turns out the boom boat is named after Murdina Paavila (nee McKay). She is now 91 and there was quite a commotion at her senior’s home when she received my letter with a picture of the boat. She told me the W. B. stands for "winch boat” and has prepared a letter of additional information."

Murdina's husband (Henry) David Paavila, was employed with KVP Co. Ltd. in Espanola, Ontario. From 1968-1973 was employed with the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association with the Air and Steam Improvement Group and from 1973-1988 with same as Director, Environmental, Energy and Supply Services. He retired in 1988.

PAAVILA, (Henry) David - Passed away on January 5th, 2008, close to his cherished Vancouver, home for many of his early and later years. His much loved wife of almost 60 years, Murdina (McKay) was by his side until the end. David was a brilliant scholar, an Engineering Chemistry honours grad of Queen's University, had a long and distinguished service to the pulp and paper international community, was school board chairman, an amazing chef, and so much more. His mathematician's beautiful mind and his acerbic wit will be missed.


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