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The Exploits, Grand Falls Mill, Exploits River Newfoundland.

Bryan Marsh comments (Dec. 19, 2017): "I don't remember this boat, I think there were some little boom boats there in the late 80s. The image came from the Collins family who had submitted it for the book, Grand Falls-Windsor - the Place and it's People."

Bryan Marsh has written over 50 articles on various aspects of the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company and its successors. The town of Grand Falls was a company town that came into existence because of the pulp and paper mill, which operated from 1909 until 2009. The movement of wood to the mill by water went on for a surprisingly long time, only ending in the early 1990's when all wood was trucked in directly. See his blog here:

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On December 4, 2008, Abitibi Bowater released a statement concerning imminent closure of the pulp and paper mill in Grand Falls-Windsor, representing a cutback of 205 000 tons of paper. The mill produced its last roll of newsprint on February 12, 2009. At the time of closure, the paper mill was the second largest employer of the town. From 2016 to 2017, the mill was completely demolished.

The Anglo Newfoundland Development Company, owners of the town, catered to the social and athletic needs of the people living there. In 1988, the town took the title of the World Forestry Capital briefly.


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