Hello and a big thank you to all registered vessels and crews!
Welcome to the Owen Sound - Russel Brothers Tugboat Festival!

Sat. July 28
Sun. July 29
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Boats on the starting line at 1:30.
Course to be determined.
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Let's pretty them up!
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Race and other prizes, silent auction, guest speakers and presentations.
The Rusty Gull restaurant.
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Boats slowly navigate a circular course around the harbour perimeter.
10:00 AM - NOON
Newfoundland Dogs rescuing people!
West Side Boat Launch ramp.

& 5PM
The boats will blow their horns sequentially after the Kennedy Whistle at noon and 5pm.

Tour the 65' Canadian Coast Guard vessel Cove Isle. Tours of other private vessels solely at the discretion of their owners.

Please attend the Museum opening ceremony and Captain's Meeting, Sat. at 11:00am at the Marine & Rail Museum.
We will distribute attendance memento plaques, DVD-roms and T-shirts at the meeting. We ask that registered vessels dock in Owen Sound Harbour on either wall (west preferred), close to the Marine & Rail Museum by late morning Sat. July 28th, 2007. If you'd like to arrive earlier, that's fine. Vessels wishing to stay past Sunday may do so as well, given advance notice. There will be no dock fees, stay as long as you like!

Hydro, fuel and water are not available in the inner harbour but the latter two can be purchased at Owen Sound Marina, 1.5K north of the dockage beside the Marine & Rail Museum. Please note the harbour dock is about 5 feet above current water level. Ladders or stepstools may be necessary. There is an A&P grocery store, Beer Store and LCBO on the east harbour wall. Downtown Owen Sound is adjacent the harbour and will be having a large sidewalk sale on Saturday. Registered crews are welcome to use the washrooms at the Marine & Rail Museum during open hours and will enjoy free museum weekend access.

The Banquet will be informal dress, tickets at the door only, doors open around 5:15pm. We'll have a shuttle bus from the museum to the restaurant before and after. The Rusty Gull Restaurant is a 20 minute walk north of the museum along the west harbour wall. The banquet will be held in the second floor Kings View room which features a licensed balcony overlooking the harbour. It is not wheelchair accessible. Banquet cost will be $30 a plate and cash bar is extra. There will be a short address by special guests, and door prizes and other goodies...

Boarding of private vessels is entirely at the discretion of the captains or owners. Tugfest assumes no liability for any injuries to the public.



  • Marine & Rail Museum
    PARTY CENTRAL! The hub
    of the Tug Fest events, and where the Russel archives can be found.
    marinerail.com (519) 371-3333

  • West Side Boat Launch
    A short walk north along the west harbour wall, and the site of the Sunday Dog Water Rescue Demonstrations. A very nice little snackbar with a scenic view. Perfect for breakfasts and snacks.
  • Rusty Gull Restaurant
    The Gull is a full service dining facility further north past the boat launch and Marina. This is the site of the Sat. banquet.
  • Boot & Blade Restaurant
    Just across the harbour (east side), a cozy smaller restaurant with a nautical tradition.
  • Kelso Beach
    The home of Summerfolk
    Kelso's sandy beach offers great swimming, public washrooms and a large children's playground.

  • Owen Sound Marina
    Fuel & water for Tug Fest vessels. The Rusty Gull Restaurant will host the Awards Banquet for vessel crews. owensoundmarina.com